Prudent Strategies Of Bedshee

May 06, 2017  

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This experience has proved to be dangerous for pets because of unpredictable temperature changes, rough handling, dehydration, and stress on the animal. Additionally, short-snouted dogs like pugs and bulldogs can have difficulty breathing in this environment. So is it really worth it to put your pet and family through the potential trauma of flying in the cargo area of a plane? Most animal advocacy groups say no. If you cant travel by car, your pet will probably be healthier and happier if you leave them behind under the care of a pet sitter or boarding kennel, the Humane Society says. There could be a cheaper option First, most airlines require health certificates for your pet or service animal to travel. According to , the certificate involves a veterinary consultation and vaccines, which can cost anywhere from $35 to $200, depending if your pets shots are up to date. There are also hefty fees associated with traveling with your animal. If you have a small pet weighing less than 20 pounds, most airlines will charge you a one-way price of $125 to $150 to bring them on the flight. If you have a bigger pet, many airlines will require your animal to travel in cargo. This will cost anywhere from $150 to $600 depending on the airline, size of the dog, and destination.

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