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Oct 15, 2018  

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Auto-Translated Content Spam A Bigger Issue For Google?

So when somebody creates hundreds of pages of auto translated content, the Googlebot is fooled by this content and thinks that it's human readable, that's normal content? I think that's something that from our point of view we can't exclude that possibility completely. I think the kind of the improvements that are happening with regards to automatically translated content. I think that's something that has has both pros and cons, in that it might be used by by sites that are essentially spamming content, like in the way that you're describing. It could also be used by sites that are legitimately providing translations on a website and they just start with like the auto translated version and then they improve those translations over time. So that's something where I wouldn't necessarily say that using translated content like that would would be completely problematic but it's more a matter of the intent and kind of the bigger picture what what they're google first page guaranteed doing. If they're essentially just spinning content and hoping that it ranks, then that that would be more of a problem for us. And as always feel free to send me examples. I'm happy to take a look at each point with the team. See John admitted "That could always be the case" that Google isn't able to tell.

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DP Marketing.Services Teams Up With HVAC and Plumbing Contractors To Maximize Revenue, Increase Profits and Grow Their Businesses

However, one service that doesnt exactly cross ones mind when it comes to traditional SEO services or AI-driven marketing is home service contractors. However, research shows that plumbing and the A/C and heating services industry is extremely competitive, and according to some research , has the highest failure rates of all industries in a 5-year window. This is why it is imperative to realize the need for and the effective utilization for a multitude of different strategies google first page advertising that can be applied for these contractors, to allow them to excel beyond the grasps of their competitors. This new kind of plumber SEO is something that DP Marketing. Services has been working on closely for some time now. They plan to revitalize the businesses of plumber and HVAC contractors and provide them a renewed marketing experience that is online with modern standards. This will not only provide them with state of the art search engine optimization services and social media strategies, but also assist contractors with various aspects of their business strategies. Through DP Marketing.Services efforts, one will be able to utilize the best listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing among many other search engines, gaining control of the most popular keywords and phrases. The result of this can be tracked directly through a larger portion of visitors to ones website. Additionally, one can expect a larger increase in revenue generation, along with the ability to turn one-time customers into long-term fans.

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