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May 04, 2017  

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Taking pieces of older artworks and reusing them in some form is an age-old technique, but under the current regulatory regime, such appropriations must transform the original element substantially in order to avoid infringing on the original artists copyright. Further, this cover is meant to look like a painting rather than a collage. Herein lies the ethical issue that would distinguish it from a legitimate piece of collage art, according to the blogs operator, a professional metal and gaming artist. (We reached him for an interview by email, but he asked to remain anonymous to avoid retaliatory harassment): The thing with collages or scrapbooking is that when you are arranging all of these clips and cutouts from other sources that you didnt create, you arent pretending like you painted the items on your collage. Its very clear from the outset that you are making a collage and that each piece is snipped from somewhere else. That, in and of itself, is a form of suggested credit given. While no credit is printed on the collage, the viewer knows that they came from somewhere else and if they recognize a piece of it, they know its origin. Whether this particular case of appropriation constitutes copyright infringement is a fairly technical legal matter, but at the very least, it seems shady. Other cases range further afield, including more overt collage work that likely didnt license the source material properly , such as this Dimmu Borgir album cover: View photos description 04 More Others involve ethically dubious instances of parody that directly lift material from the parodied art instead of recreating it by hand, like this Conan, The Barbarian-referencing Brian Posehn album cover: View photos 03 More Its startling to see how brazen this filching can get, and even more so to see who is stealing from whom. Some of the source material is so famous that lifting even minor elements of it seems unnecessarily risky, such as the Frazetta example above, or this instance of an artist stealing a central feature of a famous Meshuggah album cover. The other end of the transaction is even stranger.

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